Wall Hanging Information

about the wall hangings

The process of creating each wall hanging is exciting. It takes a considerable amount of time to create each piece. They are made from natural fibre, a wooden dowel and fabric dye. The fibres need to be cut one by one and the wooden dowel needs to be cut to size and sanded. Each individual fibre is attached to the dowel with a secure knot, this design keeps the hanging secure to the dowel and adds a beautiful clean finish. Once created, the fibres are hand dyed. Creating the correct dye colour is time consuming and often experimental! Once dyed, the wall hangings can take days to dry depending on the design. New designs are added to the website regularly so keep checking in!

wall hanging standard sizes and pricing

Standard wall hanging approximate dimensions (including Wooden dowel):

small: 90cm x 110cm (fibres 60cm x 110cm) from £100

medium: 120cm x 120cm (fibres 90cm x 120cm) from £150

large: 150cm x 130cm (fibres 115cm x 130cm) from £200

Occasionally, other sizes may be available.

custom designs

Custom designs are available in the above sizes but I also may be able to create a wall hanging to suit your space and budget. If you have a different size in mind please do contact me! There are some limitations due to shipping restrictions but I will certainly see what I can do. Prices will depend on the size and design of your desired piece. Because of the process of creating the wall hangings you will need to allow at least 6 weeks to receive an order. A non-refundable deposit will be required to confirm your order and the full balance will need to be paid before the wall hanging is shipped.